Request for Opinions and Ideas

Hi Everyone

As a club we are always looking for ideas to enhance what we offer to our members.  One of the ways to maintain interest in our sport is to tournament shoot, this however does take up time usually on a Sunday and can be quite daunting to those who haven’t done it, especially the bigger tournaments which require a commitment to be there all day and to shoot 12 dozen arrows.  There are however, lots of shorter rounds which range from 4 dozen arrows upwards, some of these such as the Pie & Beans which is a Western Round which consists of 8 dozen arrows are already available to enter, but what we as a committee were considering whether or not you as members would support an open competition of a short round particularly for newer/novice archers.  This could be a 4 dozen round with distances to suit which would be a 1/2 day commitment and could be held say on a Saturday.

Please can you let me have your opinions/ideas preferably in time for the next committee meeting on the 7th November.



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