GNAS Double Metric clout

On Sunday 10th Feb 2019 we hosted a double metric clout.  This involved a lot of work by Mario and even more by Susan, with assistance from Fred.  Despite the less than perfect weather everyone seemed to have a good time, and we also got a few records for the club.


Carrie Mortimore b/b single 110, double 195
David Salmon recurve single 111, double 196
Ashley Buckland comp double 228
Mark Burton b/b (who shot out of his skin and battered us all and taking the bare bow win) single 140, double 265 (County Record !!)


Alice Wood Stevens ladies u/18 recurve single 41, double 62
Serena Lamb b/b double 178


Oliver Salmon recurve u/14 single 88, double 140


Ethan Lamb b/b single 81, double 157