Georges October Bramley News

We held our annual Longbow/Barebow shoot at the start of the month.This was a 2-way shoot,with targets at both ends of the field, and archers shooting at 80,60 and 50 yards. This kind of shoot means there is no chance to sit down between ends,and shooting and walking are almost continuous. It certainly provides plenty of exercise!.We only had 18 archers taking part, but everyone enjoyed the day.Well all except me, because my bow broke with a very loud bang which alarmed my companions as well as me, but luckily didn’t do me any damage.Lee Waterfield was our only member to take gold,shooting barebow instead of his usual compound.
On the day after the clocks went back, we held our annual Pie and Beans Shoot when 85 archers entered, taking advantage of the fine autumn weather we have enjoyed this year.Our most successful members were Lee Waterfield and Ashley Buckland [2nd Compound],Steve Gamble [2nd Barebow],Reece Buckland[Junior Longbow],Dan Germaney[Novice Recurve] and Alex Hawley[wheelchair Barebow].As always, this was a great way to mark the end of the Summer season.

Our outdoor matches will now be Frostbite[3 dozen arrows at 30 metres once a month] and Clout shoots[180yards shooting to a flag in the ground]. Outdoor practising will go on during the day, but club-nights will be at our winter venue, Joseph Whitaker Leisure Centre at Rainworth.
Finally, if you are looking for a “different” present for someone, we have gift vouchers for our Beginners Courses. If you are interested,please contact our Club Secretary on 01636 814494 for details.

George Brown