George’s November 2013 News Letter


Most of our shooting is indoors now, but we have had three outdoor events this month. On the first Sunday in November we held our Clout Shoot, coupled with the Regional Clout Shoot. In clout shooting, archers shoot at a flag in the ground 165 metres away. Scoring depends on how close to the flag the arrows land, measured in concentric circles outwards from the flag. The clout,or piece of cloth, was an old way of making a target for practising long-distance shooting using the heavy war-bows. Because of the distance involved, we used a field at Kirklington, by kind permission of Mr T Farr.  35 archers from across the region took part, including 4 from our club, all of whom shot very well. Martyn and Charlotte Smith claimed Tassle Awards for their scores,Charlotte also claiming a record. George Smith shot a personal best score, and Ashley Buckland was best Junior Lady compound. Martyn and Charlotte won the Club Clout Trophies.
Later in the month the same four members shot another Regional Clout, this time at Kettering, with the three juniors,Ashley, Charlotte and George, all shooting as seniors.Once again,George shot a personal best.These results should stand them all in good stead for the County team selection next season.
On Remembrance Sunday we held the first of this year’s Frostbite shoots.Three dozen arrows shot at 30 metres always seem like more on a cold winter morning, but we were lucky with the weather, and after our own marking of the day we had a very good shoot. Winners were John Watts[recurve], David Orwin [compound], George Brown[longbow] and Jonathan Dunderdale [Junior].
Indoors, 13 of our juniors have submitted scores for the November Challenge, a national postal competition of 3dozen arrows shot at 20 yards, which for some of our youngest members is quite a difficult shoot. We look forward to receiving the results!
Best Wishes in the bow
George Brown