Georges Newsletter November 2016

SHERWOOD ARCHERS – November 2016 newsletter

Our winter outdoor Frostbite series began at the start of November. Just three dozen arrows shot at 30 metres, and believe me, that was quite enough! Only 13 members were brave [or unwise] enough to turn up in view of the weather forecast.  The biting cold wind and the fine drizzle blew straight into our faces, making shooting difficult and uncomfortable. The shoot certainly lived up to its name, but at least the really heavy rain held off until we had finished and packed away.
In spite of the bad conditions and the need to shoot quickly, the scores were surprisingly good. Best on the day were Lee Waterfield [compound], David Salmon [recurve], Anne Taberner [barebow] and George Brown [longbow]. Perhaps everyone was determined to overcome the conditions!
Indoors, we hosted the Regional 18 metre FITA at our winter venue – The Joseph Whitaker Sports Centre at Rainworth. All three sessions were full, making a total of 120 entries. Archers from across the East Midlands took part in this Record Status shoot. The competition was as strong as ever, and the event was a great success. Thanks are due to Linda Telford for organising the shoot, and to everyone who helped with the work on the day.
Club nights on a Friday continue to be busy indoors, and a few hardy individuals meet to practise outdoors, weather permitting of course. Indoors or outdoors the compulsion to shoot and improve never leaves us.

George Brown