Georges Newsletter March 2022

At the end of February, just after our last report, we held our Open Clout Competition on a field in Kirklington that we have used before, by kind permission of the landowner, Mr .Tim Farr, as our field is too short for the 185 metres flag distance plus the 50 metres fall-out required by the Compound archers.

Our Secretary,Jane Burton, was the organiser, and Chairman Mario Stankovic was the leader of the team of judges that this type of shoot needs.

It was a beautiful sunny morning, but rathe.r windy. 53 archers from near and far had entered, the furthest travelling from Peterborough, Burton Constable, Hingham,York and Penrith, and all four bow -styles ,and Ladies,Gents and Juniors, were represented.

As the strength of the wing increased after lunch, several of the longbows found the distance too great and had to retire.

There were no records broken, but it was an enjoyable day’s shooting. Clout is always a challenge. Six of our members took part. Stephen Lamb was  1st Gents recurve, Jason Millard was second Gents barebow, both shooting at 165metres.

In mid – March, eleven of us shot a Frostbite round of just 3dozen at 30 metres . A short distance, but very enjoyable. The wind got stronger and the temperature fell, but we all enjoyed it, and  three of the group carried on for a few dozen more , and then we went into the Clubhouse for our Annual General Meeting for2021.

Our Indoor Club Championships will be held at the end of the month, and then we will all be ready for outdoor target shooting for the summer.