Georges Newsletter May 2021

This month, our parent body,the Grand National Archery Society, also known as Archery GB, began encouraging clubs to take part in a Grand Opening Weekend now that we are able to use our fields again .

The date coincided with the Frostbite we had already arranged for 9th May, so we were pleased to be able to tell AGB that our members were shooting again,full of enthusiasm, whilst keeping to all of the covid safety regulations. We were fortunate to have a fine weather gap and there were 13 members shooting with five different bow-styles. It was a short round of 36 arrows at 30 metres, but so enjoyable to be shooting together again.Best scores were Linda Millard [American Flat Bow],Alan Gosling [Barebow],Lee Waterfield [Compound],Andy Mortimore [Longbow] and Stephen Lamb [Recurve]

Our AGM was held later in the month, having been postponed in February because of the lockdown. The safety rules were relaxed just in time, so we were able to use the clubhouse for the meeting, otherwise it would have been an outdoor AGM.

On 23rd May, several of our members went to Greasley Castle Archers for their 1440 round, a twelve dozen round with 90 metres the longest distance, so a difficult round after the long Lay-off. Stephen Lamb was 2ndrecurve, and Carrie and Andy Mortimore were 1st Lady and Gentleman longbow, with Andy scoringĀ  just one point more than Carrie.

30th May saw our last shoot of the month. A Warwick round of 2 dozen arrows at 60 yds followed by 2 dozen at 50 replaced our winter Frostbite as our monthly Summer club shoot. Thirteen members,including two juniors , enjoyed shooting on the hot,sunny morning, with best scores to Paul Moran [Recurve], Jane Burton [Barebow],Lee Waterfield [Compound], and George Brown [Longbow]. Ethan Lamb [Jnr Recurve] shot a good Senior round, and Ethan Wood [Jnr barebow] shot a good 50/40 yds at his first attempt.

We are now returning to our usual calendar of Club Nights and Open competitions,and members are able to book-in for practice shooting during the week. In spite of the difficult year we are welcoming new members,and there is interest in our next Beginners Course.

We are pleased to be able to say that Sherwood Archers is active and getting back to normality. June will be a busy month , as usual, with four