Georges Newsletter December 2015



We begin with congratulations. In mid-December, Lee Waterfield went down to Foxes Archers in Leicestershire to compete in their annual Worcester Tournament. This is an indoor round of 5 dozen arrows shot at 20 yards into a 16inch diameter target. The maximum possible score is 300 points and Lee won with a magnificent 298!

At our last indoor shoot before Christmas, we presented the Handicap Medals for the 2015 outdoor season. The Grand National Archery Society Medal for Handicap Improvement was awarded to Alex Hawley, [84 down to 74]. The Club Medal for the Best First Handicap went to Michael Webster with a handicap of 41, and the Junior Best First Handicap Medal went to Reece Buckland with a handicap of 71. Well done everyone.

Our first Frostbite Shoot of 2016 took place on a rainy Sunday morning at the start of January. The rains and mild weather of the past few weeks have meant that the grass has continued to grow, and for once our field looked more like a lush meadow just waiting for the cows to graze.  Before the start of the shoot, we assembled to remember Les Gibson, one of our regular mid-week archers, who passed away before Christmas. In keeping with our tradition, the Black Arrow was shot down the length of the field by Les Leslie, one of his regular shooting companions, as a mark of respect from fellow archers.