Georges Newsletter Dec 2021

In December we had Friday Club nights as usual at our indoor venue and also  managed to include two outdoor shoots for members. The Frostbite is the shortest outdoor round we shoot, just 3dozen at 30 metres, whatever the weather .It can be a quite a trying round in poor conditions, and  this month was no exception, but was still enjoyed by the few stalwarts who  took part.

The last Club night before Christmas is always a “Fun shoot”. We shot at ten different pictorial targets with scoring zones of different values marked, but not easily seen from the shooting line.When everyone had shot at all of the targets the best scores by the different bow styles  were rewarded with chocolate Santas.

The next day we had a Club Clout at our field. Christmas preparations were important and we only had a small group who shot to the flag at 185 metres,the longest out door distance we shoot. They all shot with their barebows, without sights to help, and Mark Burton had the best score with 32 hits and 121 points.

The last indoor shoot, on Sunday morning,19th Dec., was a formal Portsmouth round, 5dozen at 20metres. Best score was by Stephen Lamb with 60 hits  including 54 golds for 559 points, closely followed by Mark Burton with 556.

We now look forward to some of our Open shoots in the new year as well as our Club Nights, and hope we can welcome new members to the sport of Archery.

Best wishes for the New Year.