Club Officers

Voting Member

Amy Sykes

Vice Chairman

Andy Tomalin

Social Media Officer

Callum Fuller

Junior Rep

and Safe Guarding Officer

Gareth Fuller

George Brown

George Brown

George Brown was the Club President and had been in this role for more than 25 years. He was a competent archer who had been shooting for many years now. His preferred bow type was the traditional long bow. George was responsible for organising many of Sherwood Archers competitions, including the Barebow/Longbow competitions. He also had the delightful role of public relations officer, writing articles regularly to inform the public about the Club, its activities & the victories of its members. This role he carried out with distinction until his untimely passing in March 2023. He was a key member of the club and is missed by all who knew him.

Administrative Secretary

and Junior Rep, and Safe Guarding Officer

Jane Burton


and Groundsman

Jason Millard

Lee Waterfield

Records Officer

and Equipment Officer

Lee Watefield

Leigh Davis

Vice Chair

and Token Scheme Administrator

Leigh Davis

Web Master


Malcolm Douglas-Kellie

Malcolm has only been shooting for 5 years, but in that time he has become a key member of the Sherwood Archers team. Malcolm took over the website admin from Jon in 2018 and has been the main driving force behind the site you see today. He also manages the token scheme for when people do work for the club, so be nice to him or you may not get as many as you thought you should 🙂

Junior Rep

and Social Secretary

Marie Davis


Mario Stankovic

Mario Stankovic has been in the club since 1990 . He has served in many roles in the club for many years before becoming the club chairman. He is also a County Coach & a County Judge.
Sherwood Archers

Equipment Officer

and Coaching Organiser

Mark Burton

Martyn Smith

Voting Member

Martyn Smith

Martyn joined Sherwood Archers in 2008, and joined the Executive Committee in the following year. “Well you can’t complain things aren’t being done properly, if you aren’t prepared to get involved ! “. Soon afterwards he took his level 1 Coaching course. Martyn shoots Recurve bow, and managed to get in to the Notts County Archery team for Target Archery for several years. He was also in the Clout team for 2 years. He took over the role of Equipment officer, whilst continuing to be a voting member of the Committee. He was instrumental in obtaining funding, and setting up a bow rental scheme, to allow new archers to get into the sport without having to buy all of the equipment straight away. Further details of the scheme can be found on the website.

Beginners Course Co-Ordinator

Nick Bennett


and Development Officer

Paul Woods

Buildings Manager, Voting Member

Steve Lamb

Susan Stankovic

Membership Secretary

and Tournament Advisor

Susan Stankovic

Susan Stankovic is the Club Secretary and has been in the club since 1990.She is a level 1 coach and her preferred bow type is the Compound. She has shot for Notts County......She has organised many shoots for Sherwood Archers including the world status East Midlands indoor Championships in December 2008.