Bow Rental Scheme

Bow Rental Scheme

When you complete your beginners course, PLEASE do not rush out to buy a bow.

For just £10 per month, you can rent a takedown bow, complete with bag, string, arrow rest, sight and stringer. They are available in Right and Left handed, different sizes and pull weights. (For the first few months you will become much stronger, and if you buy equipment, you will possibly need to replace equipment.)

There are terms and conditions applicable, mainly due to safety for all. Please ask for details and see below. Contact the club equipment officer (Click on the link for contact details)

Agreement Terms

Cost/ hire period

Any equipment is hired to the individual for the sole use of the named person, and should not be lent to any individual.

The hire agreement runs initially for a period of 3 months, this can be extended on a monthly basis.

The cost for this hire is £50. This is made up of a £20 deposit and £30 for the hire period. The hire agreement may be extended at the cost of £10 per calendar month, to be paid IN ADVANCE.


Every effort has been made to provide the equipment in safe working condition, it is the responsibility of the Hirer to keep it in this condition.

If the equipment is seen to be unsafe, by any Club Officer, the problem MUST be addressed before the equipment is used again. Any repairs must be advised to that Equipment Officer.

It must be remembered that archery equipment is safe only when used in appropriate environments.

The equipment should be used at the Club’s field or indoor shooting venue, or at the shooting ground of any other Club.

Exceptions to this must be discussed and confirmed by a member of the Executive Committee, to ensure that proper consideration has been given to safety measures. Your GNAS insurance does not apply to your garden!

Return of equipment.

All equipment borrowed, itemised at the below, is provided in reasonable condition. Any damage must be made good before return, or discussed with the Equipment Officer, of the Club, for appropriate compensation to be agreed upon.

At the end of the hire period all equipment should be returned to the Equipment Officer for inspection, whereupon the Deposit will be refunded.

Please click on the link for a copy of the agreement form.When completing the form please leave the Bow” and “Limb Poundage” areas blank. This will be completed by the equipment officer, or other Club official after assessing an individuals requirments.