Never give up!

A short story of keeping it going from Carrie Mortimore.
Andy and I shot at Kirby Muxloes’s 1440 on the 28th April.  Andy was locked in a battle for second place with fellow target chum Roger Sale for most of the day.
The two archers kept swapping positions during the shoot and it was obvious that it was going to go right to the wire, and so it did.  Andy shot a great end followed by a bad one, Roger replied with a poor end followed by a great one and so the day continued.
After nearly nine hours of shooting the final positions came down to the last arrow.  Roger shot and scored a two, then Andy stepped up to the line.  If he missed, he’s miss out on a medal position if he hit, it had to be a good shot to overtake Roger once more….
Andy shot a 6 which was enough to see him gain a silver medal with Roger just behind him.
It was a very long and exciting day but Andy hunkered down and proved that if you give it your all, right up to the last arrow, you can win through.