Georges Newsletter Jan 2019

Just before we stopped for Christmas, our Chairman, Mario Stankovic, organised a Clout Shoot at our Maythorne field. Clout is an old term for a piece of cloth and now ,in archery , means a flag , set in the ground at 180yds, at which archers each shoot a total of 3 dozen arrows. Winners were Stephen Lamb and Mandie Elson , and Ashley Buckland was nearest to the clout[flag].

At our last indoor club-night we held our traditional fun-shoot, with target faces showing a variety of Christmas-themed images. As always ,members had brought along Christmas fare for all to share. By the end of the evening there were just clean plates left.

This is the occasion when Handicap medals for the outdoor season are presented. Stephen Lamb and Tristan Armes tied for the most improved handicap, but Stephen won the GNAS medal because he also had the most improved classification, from !st Class to Bowman. Tristan was awarded the Club medal for improvement. The Best First Handicap Medal was won by Mark Burton. Ethan Lamb won the GNAS Junior Improvement  Medal, and Lukas Cole won the Best Junior First Handicap Medal ,

The monthly Frostbite competition [ 3dozen at 30metres ] continues outdoors, and indoors there is a monthly competition shooting a Bray round [2 1/2 dozen at 20mtrs to a small target-face]. Results for these two competitions will be announced at Easter.