Georges News Letter Sep (2) 2014

As usual, September is one of our busiest months!  We began by going to shoot against The Wakefield Archers in our annual challenge match for the Speak Trophy, when we defend “the honour of Robin Hood” There has been a lot of publicity this year linking Robin Hood with  Wakefield, so we expected that the home team would be keen to win back the trophy . It was a cold and windy morning,which added a further challenge for both teams, so we waited for the results with some apprehension. Yes, we won by a convincing margin!! So Robin Hood and the Speak Trophy rest with Sherwood for another year thanks to the  winning team of John Watts and Peter Burns[recurve], Arthur Williams and Jon McLaughlin[compound] and George Brown and Mario Stankovic[longbow] .

The same week-end we hosted the Sherwood Meeting of The British Long Bow Society. This is a traditional Two-Way shoot, with targets at each end of the field, one hundred yards apart.Society members from the Midlands and the North enjoyed a good day at Southwell, and we were pleased to have their President and Secretary shooting too.

Our Club Championships were held at the end of the month on a day more like the middle of August than the end of September. After a good day’s shooting, the Champions for 2014 were Martyn Smith[recurve], Lee Waterfield and Ashley Buckland[Compound],David Seymour[Longbow],Alex Hawley[Barebow]. Junior champions were Phelix Fountain, Nikesh Mistry and Daniel Fawkes[recurve] and Adam McLaughlin[Compound]. Phelix won the worst white wooden spoon, and the Handicap Trophy was won by Ashley Buckland.

Our final Beginners Course of the year , organised by Arthur Williams, attracted twenty aspiring archers,Several of them have already joined us and are practising hard for the end -of -season Pie and Beans Shoot. Archer is clearly “alive and well” in Southwell

Well done,everyone!

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Georges News Letter Sep 2014

As usual, Summer is a busy time for archers. We were pleased to host the County Championships for the Nottinghamshire Archery Society, when 70 archers from clubs county-wide entered this record-status event, which was organised by David Salmon,one of our committee members.It turned out to be a very windy day,which made shooting more difficult than usual,especially at the longer distances.

Our members carried off several trophies ;Charlotte Smith won the Sherwood Trophy for the best Junior Lady Recurve, George Smith won the Festival Trophy for the best Junior Gentleman Recurve., and to complete the “family triple”, Martyn Smith won the Denis Osborne Memorial Trophy for the Notts archer scoring nearest to 800. Ashley Buckland was 1st Junior Lady Compound, and Reece Buckland was 1st Junior Gentleman Longbow.Steve Gamble was County Longbow Champion.
We have set up several Have-a-Go sessions during the past two months, for the Squash Club, the Mansfield Rotarians,the Women’s Institute and the group of children from Belarus.These sessions are always great fun,and serve as an introduction to our sport.
As a school holiday event,we held a competition for our junior members. Jon McLaughlin, one of our committee members for the juniors, organised the event,which included shooting a junior metric round ,a barbecue lunch, and even a game of rounders . A really good time was had by everyone.


The 3rd and final round of the County Summer League was shot at Wilford Bowmen’s ground in Nottingham after being postponed earlier in the month because of the threat of severe weather. This year, our only winners were Reece Buckland [Junior Gentleman Longbow] and Ashley Buckland [Junior Lady Compound}
Well done everyone, archers ,organisers,judges and working parties!

George Brown

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Georges News Letter June 2014


June was a very busy month on our field at Maythorne. We began with our record status Open FITA Star Tournament, organised by Club Treasurer, Linda Telford. 101 archers came to this high-status event, and had the benefit of a fine day,which made for good results. Club member Simon Frogatt won the Senior Compound event by a margin of 58 points, and with Lee Waterfield, took the Compound Team Award. Steve Gamble won The Senior Longbow award and Dave Seymour was second.

The following week-end we hosted the 66th Sheriff of Nottingham’s Golden Arrow Tournament on the Saturday. After a very wet morning for setting up the field, when the working party were soaked to the skin, the archers had a fine afternoon and all went well. Arthur Willians was our only winner, taking the Bath and West Horn Handicap award.

Then on the Sunday, Club Secretary, Susan Stankovic carried on to organise the 58th Oregon Challenge , a postal match against the archers of Sherwood,Oregon.This was combined with the next round of the Summer League, and the Notts/Lincs Challenge Match – a huge event attended by 152 archers, with 39 target across the full width of our field.John Watts,Lee Waterfield and Jon McLaughlin all gained places in the Notts Oregon team,and now we wait for results from America.

The Notts/Lincs Challenge match saw a win for the Notts Seniors, but the Junior team lost. Martyn Smith,Steve Gamble and Dave Seymour shot for the Seniors and Charlotte and George Smith and Ashley Buckland shot for the Juniors. On the third week-end we welcomed 94 archers from across the region, to the East Midlands Archery Society’s Senior and Junior Championships, this time,organised by Committee member David Salmon. Another warm,sunny day, and four club members were successful: Steve Gamble won the Gents Longbow, with David Seymour third; Ashley Buckland was second Junior Lady Compound, and Lee Waterfield claimed a six-gold end and a Rose Award for a score over 1000.

The last Sunday in the month saw our Day Of National Rounds, when 44 archers,mostly from local clubs,shot at distances form 15 yards up to 80 yards.This time cloudy and cool, with a troublesome wind for the morning session,but an enjoyable shoot all the same.Mike Webster, Arthur Williams, David Salmon, Jenny Place Maria Hart Alex Hawley and Alexander Lamb all won presentation glasses or gold medals.

Away from the field we attended the Family Fun Day on the Burgage,and were able to introduce over a hundred people to the joys of our sport.Perhaps we shall meet some of them again at one of our Beginners’Courses! Finally,in a 2-day competition at Lincoln,David Seymour was 1st Longbow, Simon Frogatt was 2nd Compound and Ashley Buckland shot over 1200 for the first time in the Cadet class Well done, everyone.

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Notts Ninjas GNAS Metric Clout Results 11th May 2014


1ST Meeting Hosted by SHERWOOD ARCHERS

SUNDAY 11th MAY 2014

GNAS Metric Clout

Judge: Mario Stankovic

75M Name Club Score Clouts Hits Bow Class Position
Lady Becky Lowe Belvoir Junior Archers 129 12 35 B/B 1st
Lady Alanna Evans Belvoir Junior Archers 62 9 24 B/B 2nd
Jamie Collier Sherwood Archers 105 11 28 B/B 1st
Alex Lamb Sherwood Archers 86 6 25 B/B 2nd
Benedict Murray Wellow House School 68 3 23 B/B 3rd
Tim Gosling Sherwood Archers 61 2 22 B/B 4th
Jon Walker Sherwood Archers 47 2 16 B/B 5th
Harvey Morris-Daws Wellow House School 34 0 13 B/B 6th
Alex Germany Wellow House School 11 0 6 B/B 7th
George Scully Sherwood Archers 2 0 2 B/B 8th
Reece Buckland Sherwood Archers 16 0 6 L/B 1st  
Lady Jenny Bryan Rolls Royce 148 19 34 Comp 1st  
Lukas Burton B.L.C.A.C. 91 8 28 B/B 1st  
Thomas Mitchell Wellow House School 47 4 16 B/B 2nd  


Weather – sunshine and cloud with breeze.

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Georges Bramley News April 2014


Our indoor shooting ended with the Indoor Championships, when forty members took part. The champions are: Martyn Smith [recurve], Jon McLaughlin [compound], Fred Kirkham [longbow], Peter Burns [barebow], Malcolm Douglas [novice]. Junior champions are George Smith[recurve], Adam McLaughlin[compound], Reece Buckland[longbow] , with best novice awards to Tim Gosling and Nikesh Mistry.

Fourteen junior members took part in a special Easter Holiday tournament at our field. For several of them this was their first ,and furthest outdoor tournament. This was an enjoyable event for everyone, not only for the shooting, but also for the cricket match and barbecue at lunchtime!

Winners were Longbow, Reece Buckland, Compound, Ashley Buckland, Recurve, Charlotte Smith, Novice, Alex Lamb. Thanks to Jon McLaughlin for organising the shoot, Linda Telford for the catering and club coaches for work on the day.

First outdoor results for our members shooting at Bassetlaw Bowmen’s Western Round: Susan Stankovic 1st Lady Compound, Ashley Buckland 1st Junior Lady Compound, David Orwin 2nd Gent Compound, so,with those results, Sherwood won the Compound Team Trophy.

Twelve new archers are well on their way to completing our first Beginners’Course of the season, organised by Arthur Williams.  The next course is in July.We are taking names already, so if you are interested yourself, or perhaps would like to give someone a place on the course as a special present, contact our Club Secretary, Susan Stankovic on 01636 814494


George Brown

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Nott’s Ninjas on Tour 2014

Hi to all Nott’s clubs

This year the Nottinghamshire Archery Society is pleased to announce the Nott’s Ninja’s on tour.

This comprises of a series of events for all our junior archers, with one session organised each month commencing in May and running through until September.

These events are designed to get our junior archers shooting and having fun together and it is hoped that they will form the basis of a junior development squad in time.

The events will be run by a different Nott’s clubs each month and each session will be designed to test archery skills but the emphasis will be on fun and friendship with prizes and rewards being offered on each day.

The sessions are completely free but we have to insist that any juniors wanting to attend are accompanied by either a coach from their own club or a responsible adult or parent.

We need to gauge interest in these sessions so we can plan for each session, so I am asking each club to canvass their junior membership to see how many juniors would like to attend.

The events and dates are :-

May 11th       Sherwood archers –Clout shooting competition 2.00-4.00pm.

JuneTBA   Bingham Leisure Centre Archery club-Archery Darts

July18th    Belvoir Archers July evening shoot

Aug 13th    Burton Joyce Archers- Evening shoot, Metric rounds- competition 6.00-8.30pm

Sept TBA   Welbeck Archers, week end day session.

Please contact me if your juniors are interested in attending any of these dates at


Chris Joyce

Nott’s Chair

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Georges Barmley News March 2014

Our final Frostbite Round of the winter was shot at the start of March and we were pleased to see so many of our new members shooting outside for the first time. Twenty two members took part, and the winners were Peter Burns [recurve] ,David Orwin [Compound], Mario Stankovic [Longbow], and Lee Waterfield [Barebow]. Best Junior was Harvey Morris-Daws. A special mention for Malcolm Douglas,shooting his second Frostbite, doubling his score and taking 10 points off his handicap.

  At the end of the month four of our members shot for the County at the East Midlands Archery Society’s Clout Shoot ,hosted by the Northamptonshire Archery Society. Clout shooting is a test of distance and accuracy, shooting at 180 yards to a low flag marking the centre of the concentric scoring circles marked on the ground. Our members all shot well and their scores were counted in the County’s total. Martyn Smith was 1st Notts Recurve,and George Smith was 2nd, whilst Charlotte Smith was 2nd NottsLady Barebow , and Ashley Buckland was 2nd Notts Lady Compound, helping the Notts Compound team to 2nd place. Charlotte,George and Ashley all shot the senior distances. Well done,everyone!

 Finally, congratulations to Ashley Buckland and Peter Burns, who have successfully completed the Level 1 Coaching Course and now join our growing team of qualified coaches.

 The Indoor season ends with our Indoor Championships at the start of April and then we move outside and start the first of our Beginners’ Courses.


George Brown

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February 2014 Bramley News

Hello Bramley,

Here is our piece  for February

                                                                   SHERWOOD ARCHERS

   At the start of the month we hosted The Nottinghamshire Archery Society’s Indoor Championships at our indoor venue,The Joseph Whitaker Sports Centre at Rainworth. 119 archers took part , shooting a Portsmouth round of 5 dozen arrows into 60cm targets set at 20yards. Our club members shot well: Steve Gamble 1st  Gents Longbow;Jenny Place 3rd Lady Longbow; Lee Waterfield 2nd Gents Compound; Jon McLaughlin 3rd Gents Compound; Joanna Bennett  1st Junior Lady Recurve; Ashley Buckland 1st Junior Lady Compound and Adam McLaughlin 3rd Junior Gent Compound. Club Secretary Susan Stankovic organised the event, and Mario Stankovic and Robert Burton were two of the judges.

   We held our February Frostbite shoot on the second Sunday. We kept dry, but the strong wind made high scoring difficult, Best scores were achieved by John Watts [recurve],, David Orwin [compound], Fred Kirkham [longbow] and Toby Smith [junior recurve] 

  After the shoot, we held our AGM in the Function Room at the Admiral Rodney, when reports for 2013 were heard,and the Club Committee and Officers were elected for 2014. The GNAS Handicap Improvement Medal for 2013 was awarded to Susan Stankovic for an improvement of 4 points,to 33,keeping her in First Class. The  Club Medal for the Best First Handicap was awarded to John Watts with a handicap of 36, which allows him to claim his Second Class badge, and the Club Junior Medal for Best First Handicap was awarded to Ashley Buckland,with a handicap of 37,which allows her to claim her First Class badge.

  Our final event of the month was a Barn Dance and Supper held at The Admiral Rodney, organised by our Chairman,Richard Coates.We had a fun-evening , with a lot of laughter when things went wrong, and satisfied smiles when we got it right! The Caller was Ian Whitehead.  Prizes for fancy dress went to Mario Stankovic and David Salmon and the Bennett Family won the supper-time-quiz trophy

  We are taking names for our next Beginners’ Course in April. You can find details on our website[] or contact our Club Secretary on 01636 814494.

George Brown  

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Georges December 2013 Bramley News


  As usual, the weeks either side of Christmas only have a few tournaments, but we have some successes to report.

  In December,some of our members went to the Foxes Archery Club indoor tournament in Leicestershire to shoot the Worcester Round, consisting of 5 dozen arrows at 20yards , into an 18inch ,5 zone black and white face. Ashley Buckland created a Regional and Club  Record for Junior Lady Compound, and Susan Stankovic created a Club Record for Lady Compound.

  Our Frostbite Shoot, at the beginning of January,saw 15 archers taking part on what turned out to be quite a pleasant morning. Highest scores went to John Watts [recurve],David Oram [compound], George Brown [longbow] and Joanna Bennett [Junior recurve], but overall best results were Adrian Boud,and John Porter who improved their Frostbite scores by 28 points since November.

  Our Indoor Open 18 metre World Record Status FITA shoot attracted 60 archers to our indoor venue at the Joseph Whitaker Sports Centre,Rainworth. This shoot always provides some strong competition .Club members  Steve Gamble [Longbow],Jenny Place[LadyLongbow] and Joanna Bennett[Junior Lady Recurve] all won their sections, and Simon Froggatt[Compound] and Harvey Morris-Daws[Junior Recurve] took second places.

  We shall be holding Beginners’ Courses again this year, during  April, July and September, so if you would like to take part yourself, or perhaps give one as a present, please contact our Club Secretary, Susan Stankovic, on 01636 814494


George Brown

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Parking on the field causing damage.

Hi Everyone

We paid a visit to the field today and it was rather wet and sludgy in places after the rain last night, there were also what appears to be fresh tyre tracks well down the field away from the hard car parking area. Can I please remind you that cars should be parked on the hard standing and not on the grass particularly at this time of the year when the ground is soft. My thanks in advance for your co-operation in this matter as we all want to have the field in good condition for the spring.


Sue and Mario

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