October 2015 Georges Bramley News


October began with several of our members taking part in the Belvoir Archers’ Winter Windsor Shoot. It proved to be a very successful day for junior member,Reece Buckland [15], whose longbow score earned him Club,County and Regional records all at once.

The following week, we held our Longbow/Barebow Tournament, a 2-way Albion round shot at 80/60/50 yards. Twenty three archers had an enjoyable shoot in fine,sunny conditions. Reece Buckland claimed another Club record for his first competition score at 80 yards, giving him four records in a week. Well Done!

Our Pie and Beans Western is traditionally the last outdoor target competition in the area, shot on the day after the clocks go back.This year we were pleased to be visited by the Mayor of Sees,our twinned town in Normandy, along with his wife and their hosts.He was able to see what went on at a shoot, and was interested in the different bows being shot. Eighty eight archers took part, and once again we enjoyed fine sunny weather. At the assembly, our President reminded everyone that it was St. Crispin’s Day and the 60th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt. To mark the occasion,Chris Joyce read part of Shakespeare’s Henry V Agincourt speech, and at the end of the shoot we all went onto the line and shot an Agincourt volley. We didn’t “darken the skies” with our arrows,but it was, nevertheless, an impressive sight.

Now we move on to short-distance indoor shooting, and monthly Frostbites at 30 metres , with the occasional Clout Shoot at 180 yards. Reports on these in due course.

George Brown

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Georges September 2015 Newsletter


This year, the East Midlands Inter-Counties Team Tournament for the Thoresby Trophy was held at Bramcote Archers’ ground. Eight of our members shot in the Nottinghamshire team: Martyn and Charlotte Smith [recurve], Richard Gentle and Mario Stankovic [longbow], Susan Stankovic,Lee Waterfield and Ashley Buckland [compound] and Steve Gamble [barebow].Sadly, Nottinghamshire’s only winners were the barebow team.
Back at Maythorne, we hosted the British Longbow Society’s Sherwood Meeting. Two-way York round [gentlemen] and Double National [ladies] attracted archers from across the Midlands and the North of England,among them, the Society’s President, Don Richardson. The weather was fine and the shoot was , as usual, very successful.
The following week-end saw a team from The Wakefield Archers come to Southwell to shoot for “The Honour of Robin Hood” in the shape of The Speak Trophy. This is an annual challenge Albion Round shot either here, in Sherwood or at Wakefield, both places claiming Robin Hood as their own. We had a fine, sunny day, and the shoot was an enjoyable, good-spirited event, followed by an excellent buffet meal at The Admiral Rodney.I’m pleased to report that our team claimed victory by over four hundred points, so for this year, at least, we can claim Robin Hood as ours! Our winning team was Malcolm Douglas and David Salmon [recurve], Lee Waterfield and Arthur Williams [compound] and Richard Gentle and George Brown [longbow]. Lee and Richard also took medals for having the top score in their bow-type, and there was a special award for Alex Hawley , scoring over 700 points for the first time, at his shorter Windsor round Susan Stankovic improved her Club Record for the Albion round by thirty points.
Finally this month, we held our Club Outdoor Championships. Once again, we had a fine,sunny day which made the shoot all the more enjoyable. Our champions for this year are: Martyn Smith and Christina Gimbel[recurve], Lee Waterfield and Susan Stankovic [compound], Alex Hawley [barebow],Richard Gentle [longbow] Junior champions are Matthew Pearson[recurve] and Reece Buckland [longbow]. The Handicap Champion is George Smith, shooting way over his expected score!
Well Done everyone.

George Brown

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Georges August 2015 News Letter


We have had a busy time since our last report from the archery field
Our Open Double Warwick{60&50yds] attracted 44 archers. Four of our members won commemorative tumblers: Christina Gimbel [recurve], Susan Stankaovic and Lee Waterfield [compound] and Alex Hawlwy [barebow30/20].
We hosted the County Championships, organised by David Salmon. 84 archers attended, shooting York/Hereford for seniors, with novices and juniors at shorter distances.Our winners were Steve Gamble [barebow York] and Cam Pearson [recurve Hereford], Bristol Round winners were Maria Bettany[compoun], Christina Gimbel and Craig Fozard [recurve]Reece Buckland [jnr longbow] ,Ivan Dundich [jnr compond] and Alex Hawley [barebow].
At the end of the month, five members shot the Belvoir Archers’ Windsor round, all scoring personal bests, with Craig Fozard and Susan Stankovic doing best.
We were pleased to welcome the visitors from Chernobyl for their annual Have-a-Go. Everyone had a really enjoyable evening as the visitors competed to become Robin Hood and Maid Marion for the evening.Language is no barrier on the archery field!
Seven members shot the Melton Mowbray Western in weather ranging from burning sunshine ,through strong wind to lashing rain, all in an afternoon.Christina Gimbel won bronze, and Alex Hawley scored a splendid 404 at his barebow round.
The final round of the Summer League was hosted by Wilford Bowmen. Our medal winners were Susan Stankovic [compound gold], Lee Waterfield [compound bronze],Craig Fozard [adult novice gold],and our compound team won the handicap gold.
The Oregon Challenge results were announced at the same time. Christina Gimbel won the Sharp Trophy, and Martyn Smith, Susan Stankovic and Lee Waterfield gained places in the Challenge team against Sherwood archers in Oregon,USA.
Finally, our congratulations to Simon Froggat on a splendid performance in the National Series Finals shot at Wollaton Hall where he took second place.
Well done,Simon, and all our club medal winners this month

George Brown

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Georges News Letter June 2015

This month we welcomed Martin Maycock from Bowmen of Lyme,Cheshire, who was spending three weeks shooting with 17 clubs across the country from the South Coast to the Scottish Border, to raise funds for Help the Heroes.

We put on a 30 metre evening shoot,organised by David Salmon,and raised £300 for Martin’s appeal.The winners, who had to predict their scores most closely, were Martin himself, and Catherine Angus,who was just one point out in her prediction! Best scores for the different bow-styles went to Malcolm Douglas and Alice Wood-Stevens[recurve],Adrianne Goodwin[longbow],Lee waterfield and Becky lowe [barebow] Thanks to everyone who supported this event, either by shooting, sponsorship or donations.

Linda Telford organised our 2-day world record status event at the start of the month.This shoot included the East and West Midlands Regional Challenge. 62 archers took part on the Saturday,with the East Midlands teams the winners.On the Sunday there were 86 archers competing, including 23 juniors.12 of our members took part, including 6 of our newer archers.

Our next 2-day event,organised by Susan Stankovic, was  held on behalf of the Notts Archery Society.The 67th Golden Arrow Shoot attracted 60 archers.Lee Waterfield won the Gents Compound award,and a Bath and West Horh trophy for his score, and Reece Buckland won the Silver Goblet for the best junior of opposite gender to the winner. The Sunday shoot was the 2nd round of the Summer League along with the second part of the Oregon Challenge against archers of Oregon,USA. Susan Stankovic, Lee Waterfield and Martyn Smith gained places in the challeneg teams, and Christina Gimbel won one of the Sharp Goblets for her score.

We had an enjoyable afternoon at the Family Fun Day on the Burgage. Well over a hundred  would-be archers tried their hand[and eye] at our targets, some coming back for a second,or even third go.

Our juniors had their own tournament last Saturday, organised by Jon mcLaughlin, with a rounders match and a barbeque at lunchtime. Recurve medal winners were Alice Wood-Stevens[Gold], Matthew Pearson[silver] and Tim Gosling[bronze]. Reece Buckland won the longbow gold medal

Finally, congratulations to Charlotte Smith for reaching the head-to head stage of the inter-university shoot at Bradford University, where she is President of the Archery Society. Sadly it was not her day, losing to an  archer from Oxford, but well done all the same!


George Brown

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Georges April 2015 News Letter


We ended the indoor season with our Club Championships at the end of March. The winners were Seniors: Christina Gimbel and Martyn Smith [recurve], Ashley Buckland and Lee Waterfield [compound],Alan Gosling [barebow], Mario Stankovic [longbow]. Juniors: Alice Wood-Stevens and George Smith [recurve], Adam McLaughlin [compound], Reece Buckland [longbow], Anna Wood [barebow] and Tim Gosling [u.10 recurve]

The outdoor season got off to a wild and windy start when a group of our members went to Bassetlaw Bowmen’s shoot at the start of April. Conditions were so bad that Judge Mario Stankovic called the shoot off at lunchtime,for safety reasons, and medals were awarded for scores at that point. Our only medal winners were Susan Stankovic [2nd Lady Compound], and Ashley Buckland [3rdLady Compound]
Our next outing was a double-booking on a sunny Sunday before the cold weather returned. One group shot at the Bingham Western, where members had a better day;Steve Gamble [1st Barebow], David Seymour [2nd Longbow] and Malcolm Douglas improved on his personal best for the round by 15 points. The other group went to Welbeck Archers’ 40th Anniversary Shoot, a Crecy round where the targets were pictures of larger-than-life knights on horseback and armoured foot soldiers. Scores depended on hitting the un-armoured parts of their bodies. This made for a really enjoyable,as well as frustrating morning, especially on the pictures where the shields covered most of the body. After the shoot we were entertained to a celebratory buffet lunch at the Welbeck Club. Our thanks to Welbeck Archers for an enjoyable event, unusual and great fun.
Our congratulations to Simon Froggatt who was invited to a selection shoot for the Great Britain team at the end of April. We wish him success.
Our Summer Beginners’ Course will be held in June on our field. For full details, please contact Arthur Williams on 01623 794835 or click “Here

George Brown

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Georges February 2015 News Letter

We begin this month with the sad news of the death of Colin Telford, an honorary life member of Sherwood Archers , who worked tirelessly for the club as Equipment Officer, Beginners’ Course Organiser and Regional Judge. The current success of the club is ,in no small way, due to his support over the years, and we are saddened by his loss. Our sympathy goes to his wife,Linda, our club treasurer,and their family. As is our tradition, the black memorial arrow was shot on our field at a short ceremony in memory of Colin, before the February Frostbite Shoot.

 As usual, this is one of the busiest times of the winter for us. In mid-January we held our World Record Status 18 metre FITA round at our indoor venue at Joseph Whittaker Sports Centre, Rainworth. 42 archers from across the East Midlands took part in the two- session event, organised by Linda Telford

  This was followed at the start of February by the Nottinghamshire Indoor Championships and Open Tournament,hosted by the club and organised by Susan Stankovic 

115 archers took part, and club members had some successes.Steve Gamble[barebow], Ashley Buckland [junior compound] and Joanna Bennett[junior recurve] all won gold, and Lee Waterfield was 2nd compound in the morning and 2nd barebow in the afternoon!

  Next, our first Beginners’ Course of the year took place indoors on four Saturday afternoons, when 29 new archers gained their Beginners Certificates. Several of them are now members of the club and are shooting regularly, enjoying their archery.

  The February Frostbite was shot on a crisp,dry morning. There was a good attendance , and the winners this month were Mike Webster[recurve], Lee Waterfield[barebow], Susan Stankovic [compound] and George Brown [longbow]

  The Frostbite was followed by the AGM, held at The Old Courthouse, where reports for the past year were received, the committee and officers were elected, and Handicap medals were awarded : Senior Handicap Improvement Medal to David Salmon, Junior Handicap Improvement  Medal to Ashley Buckland, Best First Handicap Medals to Lee Waterfield [Senior] and Joanna Bennett [Junior]

  Finally,congratulations to Charlotte Smith, who is now at Bradford University,on being elected President of the University Archery Club


George Brown

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Georges News Letter December 2014


One of the finest Sundays in mid-October gave us ideal conditions for our Club and Open Clout Shoot, held at Home Farm, Kirklington, by kind permission of Mr T Farr. This is our longest shoot in terms of distance, three dozen arrows being shot at up to 185 metres, depending on bow-style,gender and age. The term clout is an old word for a piece of cloth which would have been the target. Now it refers to the flag that is stuck in the ground at the appropriate distance.Twenty archers took part, and our Club Clout Champions are, once again, Martyn and Charlotte Smith.This style of shooting is regaining popularity as it provides a great test of skill, shooting for both distance and accuracy.
Our shortest shoot, the Frostbite,gives us a monthly outdoor event throughout the winter, when three dozen arrows are quite sufficient on a cold morning! This month we had a very good turn-out,with twenty members taking part.. Winners were Mike Webster[recurve[, Lee Waterfield[barebow], Arthur Williams[compound],Fred Kirkham[longbow] and Alice Wood-Stevens[Junior]
Well Done everyone.

George Brown

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Georges October Bramley News

We held our annual Longbow/Barebow shoot at the start of the month.This was a 2-way shoot,with targets at both ends of the field, and archers shooting at 80,60 and 50 yards. This kind of shoot means there is no chance to sit down between ends,and shooting and walking are almost continuous. It certainly provides plenty of exercise!.We only had 18 archers taking part, but everyone enjoyed the day.Well all except me, because my bow broke with a very loud bang which alarmed my companions as well as me, but luckily didn’t do me any damage.Lee Waterfield was our only member to take gold,shooting barebow instead of his usual compound.
On the day after the clocks went back, we held our annual Pie and Beans Shoot when 85 archers entered, taking advantage of the fine autumn weather we have enjoyed this year.Our most successful members were Lee Waterfield and Ashley Buckland [2nd Compound],Steve Gamble [2nd Barebow],Reece Buckland[Junior Longbow],Dan Germaney[Novice Recurve] and Alex Hawley[wheelchair Barebow].As always, this was a great way to mark the end of the Summer season.

Our outdoor matches will now be Frostbite[3 dozen arrows at 30 metres once a month] and Clout shoots[180yards shooting to a flag in the ground]. Outdoor practising will go on during the day, but club-nights will be at our winter venue, Joseph Whitaker Leisure Centre at Rainworth.
Finally, if you are looking for a “different” present for someone, we have gift vouchers for our Beginners Courses. If you are interested,please contact our Club Secretary on 01636 814494 for details.

George Brown

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Georges News Letter Sep (2) 2014

As usual, September is one of our busiest months!  We began by going to shoot against The Wakefield Archers in our annual challenge match for the Speak Trophy, when we defend “the honour of Robin Hood” There has been a lot of publicity this year linking Robin Hood with  Wakefield, so we expected that the home team would be keen to win back the trophy . It was a cold and windy morning,which added a further challenge for both teams, so we waited for the results with some apprehension. Yes, we won by a convincing margin!! So Robin Hood and the Speak Trophy rest with Sherwood for another year thanks to the  winning team of John Watts and Peter Burns[recurve], Arthur Williams and Jon McLaughlin[compound] and George Brown and Mario Stankovic[longbow] .

The same week-end we hosted the Sherwood Meeting of The British Long Bow Society. This is a traditional Two-Way shoot, with targets at each end of the field, one hundred yards apart.Society members from the Midlands and the North enjoyed a good day at Southwell, and we were pleased to have their President and Secretary shooting too.

Our Club Championships were held at the end of the month on a day more like the middle of August than the end of September. After a good day’s shooting, the Champions for 2014 were Martyn Smith[recurve], Lee Waterfield and Ashley Buckland[Compound],David Seymour[Longbow],Alex Hawley[Barebow]. Junior champions were Phelix Fountain, Nikesh Mistry and Daniel Fawkes[recurve] and Adam McLaughlin[Compound]. Phelix won the worst white wooden spoon, and the Handicap Trophy was won by Ashley Buckland.

Our final Beginners Course of the year , organised by Arthur Williams, attracted twenty aspiring archers,Several of them have already joined us and are practising hard for the end -of -season Pie and Beans Shoot. Archer is clearly “alive and well” in Southwell

Well done,everyone!

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Georges News Letter Sep 2014

As usual, Summer is a busy time for archers. We were pleased to host the County Championships for the Nottinghamshire Archery Society, when 70 archers from clubs county-wide entered this record-status event, which was organised by David Salmon,one of our committee members.It turned out to be a very windy day,which made shooting more difficult than usual,especially at the longer distances.

Our members carried off several trophies ;Charlotte Smith won the Sherwood Trophy for the best Junior Lady Recurve, George Smith won the Festival Trophy for the best Junior Gentleman Recurve., and to complete the “family triple”, Martyn Smith won the Denis Osborne Memorial Trophy for the Notts archer scoring nearest to 800. Ashley Buckland was 1st Junior Lady Compound, and Reece Buckland was 1st Junior Gentleman Longbow.Steve Gamble was County Longbow Champion.
We have set up several Have-a-Go sessions during the past two months, for the Squash Club, the Mansfield Rotarians,the Women’s Institute and the group of children from Belarus.These sessions are always great fun,and serve as an introduction to our sport.
As a school holiday event,we held a competition for our junior members. Jon McLaughlin, one of our committee members for the juniors, organised the event,which included shooting a junior metric round ,a barbecue lunch, and even a game of rounders . A really good time was had by everyone.


The 3rd and final round of the County Summer League was shot at Wilford Bowmen’s ground in Nottingham after being postponed earlier in the month because of the threat of severe weather. This year, our only winners were Reece Buckland [Junior Gentleman Longbow] and Ashley Buckland [Junior Lady Compound}
Well done everyone, archers ,organisers,judges and working parties!

George Brown

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