Rules of Shooting updated

Archery GB have updated the rules of shooting, the link below takes you to them for info.

updated rules of shooting

If you just look at the Changes document, at rule 306 Scoring, it is a useful refresher – things like pointing at your arrow as you call it’s value and waiting until all archers on a boss have scored before pulling any arrows.

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Privacy Policy

Sherwood Archers have adopted the privacy policy of Archery GB, a copy of which is available in the Information section of this website

New Privacy Policy

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George’s Newsletter February 2018

At the start of the month we hosted Indoor Championships for Nottinghamshire Archery Society at our winter venue,the Joseph Whitaker Leisure Centre,Rainworth. Our Secretary,Susan Stankovic,organised the event, and 116 archers from across the county took part in the three sessions. Our longbow archers had a successful shoot:Carrie Mortimore 1st Lady, Ron Pickering 1st Gentleman and Andy Mortimore 2nd Gentleman.
The weather for the February Frostbite was an improvement on the previous month, still cold, but very little rain. Winners were Stephen Lamb [recurve], Jason Millard [flatbow trophy], George Brown [longbow] and Ethan Lamb [Junior].
After the Frostbite,we held our Annual General Meeting in the clubhouse. Members heard reports from the officers and elections were held for the committee and officers for the 2018 season. Our Chairman of twenty-five years, Richard Coates,stood down and our new Chairman is Mario Stankovic. Our President thanked Richard for his years of service to Sherwood Archers, and we all look forward to seeing him shooting with us once again , after so long away from the shooting-line.
Last week we were pleased to welcome Roger Eastty and Vernon Webberley, from Southwell Lions, to our club-night,to present the Bob Eastty Charity Shield to our group of swimmers who raised the most money at the charity swim in October. Our fund-raisers were David Salmon, Oliver and Nathan Salmon, Ethan Lamb and Eric Burton. Well done,team.
Our Club Clout shoots,organised by Mario Stankovic, are becoming increasingly popular with members as they test their skill at the longest target distances we shoot , this time shooting to a flag in the ground. Winners were Jason Millard [flatbow at 180 yards], Jayne Fletcher [flatbow at 140 yards], and  Ethan Lamb [barebow at 80 yards]. Ethan, and Joanne Bennett at 100 yards, both claimed 3-clout end awards for three arrows in the highest scoring zone in the same end of six arrows – quite an achievement, and one not managed by any of the senior archers this time!

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George’s Newsletter January 2018

The conditions for the December Frostbite were even worse than we
had in November. The forecast was terrible and we expected heavy
snowfall and very low temperatures. Most of our regular frostbiters
stayed at home, but four barebow archers braved the snow and
congratulations are due to Jason Millard who set a new club record
for barebow.
Perhaps conditions for the January Frostbite will be more
At the last club-night in December, handicap medals were presented:
Best First Handicap – Stephen Lamb; Junior First Handicap – Ethan
Most Improved Senior Handicap – Tristan Armes; Most improved Junior
Handicap – Oliver Salmon .

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George’s Newsletter – September 2017

The Sherwood Meeting of the British Longbow Society took place on our field on the second Saturday in September.This annual event , hosted by our club, attracts longbow archers from surrounding counties. They maintain the tradition of two-way shooting popular in Victorian times. Gentlemen shot the York round [100/80/60 yds] and ladies shot the Double National round [60/50 yds ]. We were lucky with the weather and had an enjoyable shoot. The next day we welcomed members of The Wakefield Archers to Southwell for our annual challenge match for the SpeakTrophy. The winning club claims the honour of being the home of Robin Hood, either Sherwood Forest or Barnsdale Forest at Wakefield. Our team had a decisive win to keep Robin in Sherwood for another year. No doubt The Wakefield Archers will be keen to win him back next year! Our team consisted of Stephen Lamb and Martyn Smith[recurve], Jenny Bryan and Ashley Buckland [compound] and Carrie and Andy Mortimore[longbow].The standard of the shooting was very high and our archers broke several club,county and regional records.   On the following Sunday we held our Club Outdoor Championships, and once again we were lucky with the weather-just one short shower.We shot the Western round[60/50 yds for seniors] with shorter rounds for the juniors.Our champions on the day were Stephen Lamb and Serena Lamb [recurve], Lee Waterfield and Susan Stankovic[compound] , Richard Gentle and Carrie Mortimore [longbow] and Fred Kirkham [barebow]. Junior champions were Oliver Salmon[recurve] and Joanna Bennett and Reece Buckland [longbow]. The trophy for the best handicap score was won by Jason Millard and Reece Buckland took the wooden spoon for the worst white. Shooting on the following weekend at Bowmen of Glen in Leicestershire, Jenny Bryan came 2nd in the Double 720 on the Saturday, and won her age group on the Sunday. A very successful month for our members!

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George’s Newsletter – August 2017

Hardly a week has gone by without at least one event at the archery field, or our members shooting away from home.

Our Double National tournament [60/50 yds] at the start of July was well supported by archers from across the region. Stephen Lamb, shooting in his first competition created a new club record, and Reece Buckland set a new Junior longbow record for the National round

The next weekend, members shot in the County Championships at Bramcote Archers’ ground. Reece Buckland set new county and club records, and Alex Hawley set a newclub barebow record.

On the third weekend we hosted the English Open Longbow Championships for the English Archery Federation. This national event attracted longbow archers from across England and Wales, and we had a successful day. The English longbow champions are Cliff Gadd [Kent ] and Sheila Hudson [Lancashire]

The same week-end, Craig Bowley shot for the East Midlands at the Welbeck 1440, another County selection shoot, and took the silver medal[recurve].

Our final tournament in July was the Regional Double Head-to-head 720, as shot in the Olympics, where the results of the morning round give the groupings for the afternoon session, when the number of archers reduces on a knock-out basis until the final round shoot-off produces the winner. This was the first shoot of this kind in the county and we were pleased to be able to host this for the East Midlands Archery Society.

Tournaments were not the only activities in July . We held have-a-go sessions for the Fire Service and the Woodborough 20/20 group. Our Summer Beginners’ Course attracted 16 people, some of whom are already shooting with us as new members

August is normally a quieter month but we still had three events.We held a fun-shoot and barbecue for members to celebrate the opening of our new club-house – a really enjoyable evening for members and their guests.

We provided a have-a-go session at the Medieval Day at the Archbishop’s Palace, where over a hundred people of all ages tried their hand at archery and everyone enjoyed the day, going away pleased with their first attempt at our sport.

Finally, the third leg of this year’s Summer League competition was shot at Wilford Bowmen’s ground in Nottingham. Our members had a successful outing and came home with a variety of awards and records to their credit. There were new club records for Serena Lanb, Ethan Lamb,Ashley Buckland,Reece Buckland,Joanna Bennett and Alex Hawley. Improved handicaps for Jason Millard,Tristan Armes, and Stephen Lamb who also improved his classification to 2nd class archer in this his first season shooting

Hard work and good shooting everyone – Well done!

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George’s Newsletter – June 2017

As always,June was a busy month for us.Four tournaments and two Have-a-Go sessions involve members in organizing the events,coaching, judging,and providing working parties on the day,as well as shooting too.

Have-a-Go sessions for Sherwood Rotary and Southwell Lions provided a “taster”introduction to our sport, and both groups had an enjoyable evening – visitors and instructors alike

Our first tournament of the month was an Archery GB World Record Status Double 720 – two sessions each of 72 arrows [maximum possible score of 720 points] shot at 70,60 and 50 metres. 74 archers took part. Linda Telford was the Organizer and Mario Stankovic the Director of Shooting.

Susan Stankovic organized two shoots on the second week-end. The Saturday saw 63 archers take part in the 69th Sheriff of Nottingham’s Golden Arrow Tournament shooting 6 dozen arrows at 60 yards. This long-standing shoot is always very popular and attracts archers from across the county.

The second shoot of the week-end was the second round of Notts Archery Society’sSummer League, which included the second part of the Oregon Challenge, a postal match against The Sherwood Archers of Oregon,USA. 120 archers shooting on 31 bosses [targets] made an impressive sight! Results of the League and the Challenge will be published after the final round later in the Summer.On the day, Tristan Armes [Group 3 recurve] and Reece Buckland [Junior longbow] won awards at the Golden Arrow and Richard Gentle [Longbow] was the best longbow over the two parts of the Oregon Challenge.

We hosted the East Midlands Archery Society’sChampionships which is one of the selection shoots for the County team members for the coming tournaments. David Salmon organized the event, and Mario Stankovic was Judge-in-Charge, and as EMAS Chairman he was also the Gentleman Patron, presenting the awards at the end of the shoot. 64 archer took part, shooting the York Round [12 dozen arrows at 100, 80 and 60 yards] Club member Lee Waterfield won the 100 yards distance medal for compound bows.

Finally, congratulations to Richard Gentle [longbow] and Alex Hawley [ barebow] who won their categories at the Bramcote Archers’Midsummer Evening Tournament.

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George’s Newsletter – April 2017

The outdoor season has got off to a good start. Twenty nine people have joined the first of our beginners’ courses for this year, and we hope that we shall soon be welcoming a good number of them as members of the club.

At the annual general meeting of the East Midlands Archery Society,we were pleased to hear that Mario Stankovic was awarded the Ron Smith Memorial Trophy for services to archery in the East Midlands. Mario is a long-time member of Sherwood Archers, a senior coach and a senior judge, qualified to officiate at high levels, and working tirelessly for the club and the region.Our congratulations to Mario on this well-deserved award.

Finally,it is with great sadness, that we heard of the death of Marcia ,wife of club member, Fred Kirkham. Although not an archer herself,Marcia was a regular supporter and helper at the club, and she will be missed by those members who knew her.Our thoughts are with Fred and his family at this sad time.

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George’s Newsletter – March 2017

This month’s Frostbite Shoot attracted more members than last month, but the threat of heavy rain and stong wind [which didn’t materialize] had it’s effect! Winners on the day were Jason Millard[recurve], Lee Waterfield[compound],Geoff Quatermaine [barebow and Mac Crisp[longbow]

Our annual Indoor Championships were well attended, Our Champions for the winter season are Martyn Smith and Linda Millard[recurve],Lee Waterfield[compound],Mark Allsopp[longbow], Geoff Quatermaine[barebow], Alice Wood-Stevens[Junior recurve], and Abigail MacMurray and Eric Burton[juvenile recurve]

After Easter we move outside and shoot the longer distances again.

The first of our Beginners Courses for the year starts in April.Details are on our website[] , and we look forward to introducing some of our readers to our sport. 

It really is a sport for all ages and abilities- totally inclusive- we all shoot together! We look forward to seeing you on one of our courses.

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Georges Newsletter – February 2017

SHERWOOD ARCHERS – February 2017

This month we hosted the Nottinghamshire Archery Society’s Indoor Championships at our winter venue, the Joseph Whitaker Sports College in Rainworth. 120 archers took part in the three-session record-status Portsmouth round of five dozen arrows shot at twenty yards. Best results by our members were Richard Gentle 2nd Gents Longbow, Joanne Bennett 1st Junior Lady Longbow and Ashley Buckland 3rd Lady Compound. Richard and Joanne set new club records. Susan Stankovic, our Club Secretary, was the Organiser and the Judge in Charge was Roger Elliott, who was officiating at his final shoot before retiring. He was presented with gifts from both the Notts Archery Society and Sherwood Archers in thanks for all his work as a judge at our events over the years.

Our monthly Frostbite was shot on the very wet, cold, windy morning of 12th February. Only 8 members arrived at the field to shoot. One got out of his car and decided not to shoot, another dropped out after six arrows, another after twelve, and just 5 completed the round. Such was the weather! Credit must be given to one member who has moved to Worcester and drove up to shoot with us – the furthest anyone can ever have travelled to shoot three dozen arrows at our Frostbite. After the shoot we held our AGM at the Admiral Rodney, appreciating the warmth and refreshment. Further details to be posted later.

Finally, congratulations to Lee Waterfield [compound] on being selected for the East Midlands Archery Society team for the inter-regional competitions this season.

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