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  • Sat

    EAF English & Open Senior Longbow Championships

    Sherwood Archers Field, Maythorne Cottage Field, Lower Kirklington Road, NG25 0RR

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    English Archery Federation
    English & Open Senior Longbow Championships
    Saturday 15th July 2017

    Venue:     Club Ground, Maythorne Cottage Field, Lower Kirklington Road,
    Southwell, Nottinghamshire NG25 0DX (See website to download directions)

    Round: Rose Record Status, York (Gentlemen) & Hereford (Ladies) Method 1

    Assembly 10.15am            Sighters 10.30am

    Cost: £12.00 – includes buffet tea on completion. Guest tea cost: £5.00
    PayPal: £12.50                                                    Guest PayPal: £5.50 (+50p per person)
    (Pay by PayPal > Send Money >

    Judge in Charge: Mario Stankovic            Patron: Richard Coates (Chairman Sherwood Archers)
    Tournament Organizer: George Brown (President Sherwood Archers)

    Championship awards may only be claimed by archers affiliated to one of the five English Regions.
    Masters awards are for archers aged over 50 years.
    Open awards are for AGB members not affiliated to the 5 English Regions.

    Archery GB Records and other claims must be completed before leaving the venue.
    Trophies are all returnable.

    Bows to be in accordance with AGB Rule 206.
    Archery GB Dress Regulation Rule 307 will apply all day.
    AGB cards must be shown at registration.

    Sherwood Archers cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to equipment or personal possessions.

    Record Status shoots are liable for drug testing and competitors approached to give samples must comply: Refusal will be treated as a positive result.

    Anyone wishing to take photographs must register with the Tournament Organizer on the Day.
    Breakfast rolls will be available to purchase. Hot and cold drinks will be available to purchase all day.
    Archers should provide their own picnic lunch.

    (Maythorne Caravan Park is 600m from the Archery Field Contact Tim Butler 01636 812128)

    Please make all cheques payable to ‘SHERWOOD ARCHERS’      Closing date for entries is 3rd July 2017

    Entries will not be accepted by telephone or email.    No entries on the day.

    Enquiries: 01623 633593                                     Email:

    No refunds will be given for cancellations after the closing date.

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