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    24th Annual Longbow / Barebow

    Sherwood Archers Field, Maythorne Cottage Field, Lower Kirklington Road, NG25 0RR

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    24th Annual Longbow / Barebow Tournament
    Sunday 1st October 2017
    Albion & Windsor Rounds
    Two way Shooting

    Venue: Club Ground, Maythorne Cottage Field, Lower Kirklington Road, Southwell, Nottinghamshire NG25 0DX (See website to download directions)

    10.15am: Sherry & Cake 10.30am: First Arrows
    Albion Round or Windsor Round: Ladies, Gentlemen & Juniors (No short rounds available)
    Longbow or Barebow only

    Two way shooting – 3 arrows per end. No Scopes. No sighters or bouncers.Longbow & Barebow shooting for separate awards. (Barebows shoot to AGB rule 204)
    Entries can only be accepted from AGB members
    Entry Fee: £8.00 Senior £7.50 Junior
    PayPal: £8.50 Senior £8.00 Junior

    Includes sherry/fruit juice, cake and inner gold sweep at the longest distance.

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